Oh! The Pain!

Really, Maggie is in no physical pain in this picture.  Her little heart has been broken by…. well… something i don’t even remember.  It seems anything can cause this reaction these days.  To quote one of our favorite books, “Llama Llama, no more drama!”

The Grapes of Wrath…

In reality, these grapes were only grapes of juice.  Lila and I actually had a very pleasant time picking them.  Maggie was down for a nap, which normally means Lila is in “Quiet Time”, or in her room playing quietly while I get things done around the house and have a mommy break.  But, I […]

A little lactavism…

The Howards performed at The World of Good Festival last Saturday.  You can see we had a very rowdy crowd to play to- a bunch of dancing kiddos and their lactavist mommies.  It was really fun and well-organized event hosted by La Leche League of Southern Indiana to promote the normalcy of breastfeeding.  I sported […]


To market, to market….

This evening we loaded up our pig, not called Halle, and took her to be butchered.  In the past, we have raised pigs as part of a co-op for neighbors and friends who wanted locally-raised pork but didn’t have the space or desire to raise a pig.  So, we have had 7-8 pigs at a […]

The celebration

Mollukkah… a season of celebration!

A few years ago, as I was celebrating my birthday with some friends of mine, Cam was teasing me about how my birthday, which is August 11, seems to extend far beyond that day and fill up the whole month.  One of my guests (I can never remember if it was my clever brother-in-law or […]

Beautiful life.

So, here goes… my first blog post.