Fall Cousin Fun

Sometimes you need a few extra farm hands! Who you gonna call? Cousins! Renata and her three kiddos came out this October to help us prepare for our fall farm event by moving pumpkins and gourds to the right place. It ended up being a fun day for everyone and we got the job done, too. IMG_7194 IMG_7262 IMG_7128

Everything is more fun on a wagon, right? Penny and Lilly (the horses) are still learning to work with one another as a team. But aren’t they well-matched? IMG_7130 IMG_7134 IMG_7149

Banjo supervises our wagon rides from right up front. IMG_7160 IMG_7187 IMG_7192 IMG_7196 IMG_7200 IMG_7217 IMG_7220 IMG_7227 IMG_7230 IMG_7233 IMG_7245We embarked upon a gourd-finding expedition in the tall grass with much success!

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