Sheep Shack

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Summertime takes the sheep all around the farm in their roving shed. Cam moves the fencing daily, rotating through each of the four quadrants around it. When they’ve grazed each quadrants, it’s time to move the shed to greener pasture. He loads the sheep into the shed and closes the door. Then, either with the horses or tractor, moves the shed a few feet to their next four-day spot. The sheep get so excited to be moved and literally bolt out the door when they see their new buffet. This way of grazing allows the sheep to make the most use of each patch of ground, forcing them to nibble the “brussel sprouts” of the pasture that they may have skipped if they had access to a larger space. They leave their manure, improving the soil quality for the grass. It doesn’t over-graze any one part of the field because they’re only there for a short time. Their full-time guardian dog “Snowball” is their faithful companion chasing away everything from coyotes to song birds that would dare come too close. However, she always welcomes some love and attention from her favorite farm family.

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