December… shorts or winter coat?

On Christmas Eve this year, Maggie went fishing barefoot and in shorts. She caught something, too! We really couldn’t believe the weather. It didn’t quite feel like Christmas- it definitely wasn’t white! We had a nice and relatively laid back Christmas.  December 2015 054

About a week later, our niece and nephew came over for a farm sleepover. We had a great time, as always, sharing the farm with them. My nephew, Worth, helped Uncle Cam with his chores. We all took a horseback ride, and even rescued both some runaway sheep and our guardian dog Snowball who was visiting the neighbors after the movable fencing had fallen over in the muddy ground.  December 2015 144 December 2015 114

I do love that my girls have their cousins so close by. They enjoy one another’s company and get to see each other about once a week. We’re only missing my two-year-old niece Daphne in this picture who isn’t quite old enough for sleepovers yet. December 2015 096 December 2015 068

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