A very full, happy day…

I feel sure this day must have had more than 24 hours in it. We packed so much in, every last moment was filled to brimming!

We have been on the lookout for a new Haflinger horse to work alongside Holly, and eventually her son Eddie. Cam has spent countless hours scouring Craigslist, Facebook pages selling draft animals, and asking around to his fellow horse nuts. We sold Marshmallow earlier this year when we decided, while very sweet and easy to work with, she just didn’t have the chutzpah to work up and down the hills of our farm. Cam was tipped off that there was a fella in Odon, Indiana that had a pasture full of Haflingers. Cam gave John a call and they finally worked out a time to meet. It happened to be on a day when we could all go, so we made a family trip. Odon is about two hours away, but when you’re driving a big, diesel truck with two kids in the backseat pulling a horse trailer, things move at a slower pace.

We had been to the Odon area earlier this summer for Horse Progress Days. That area has a large Amish community and we thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in it at that event. John told us that there was a festival going on the day we were coming that he would be attending. Cam offered to pick him up there. John referred to the event in several different ways- an Antique Auction, an antique show, and a fair. So, we weren’t really sure what to expect.

The event was nothing like I expected- it was huge! It was run by the White River Antique Club and on their property. There was a whole area set up with old-fashioned buildings including a one-room school house, church, post office, etc. They had a tractor-run saw mill, fresh apple cider, all kinds of flea market type booths, boots selling antiques, some horse demonstrations, and of course food.


We enjoyed the festival a lot. The girls went to school in the school house with some old-fashioned school marm. Maggie’s sweet face and big fish story suckered some nice man into buying her a fishing lure. Lila picked out two books. We sipped on hot cider and met up with John, who rode with us back to his house.


John is an Amish farmer who lives in Odon. Once back at his farm, John got busy showing Cam his herd of Haflingers. The girls got busy exploring the barnyard.

Let me back up to last year- you may remember that we had to put our beloved Laney down last August. She was the yellow Lab that Cam and I had brought home from our honeymoon. Since last August, Bluebird- our black Lab, has been our only inside dog. Cam had mentioned a few times since then that he would like our next dog to be a small dog. Having grown up with a cat, my only dog experience has been with big dogs, which I love! I didn’t want a little dog, I wanted another Lab. A couple weeks before our trip to Odon, Cam started a farm campaign to get the girls on board with a small dog- like a Terrier. He showed them pictures on the internet and scoured Craigslist. Honestly, I think they could have been sold on the idea of a dog with three legs, four eyes, and two tails as long as it was a puppy. Needless to say, they were all for the idea of us getting another dog. Cam was talking about getting the pup around Christmas time and it would be “his” dog. I was still not convinced.

Now, back to the Amish farm… Once the girls started exploring on, they immediately noticed a mama dog who was obviously feeding puppies somewhere. What breed of dog might this be, you wonder? A Terrier mix, of course. As soon as we saw the littler, I knew I had no chance of saying no- we were getting one of these pups.  IMG_20150911_155143448

What I *didn’t* know was that once I sent the above pic to Nana and Opa, that we would picking one out for them, too! The text messages went like this:

Me: [Cute pic of Maggie holding puppies] Of course they have terrier pups here!

Nana: Opa does NOT need a terrier!!

Nana: How much?

Me: $20

Nana: Opa thinks he does need one.

Me: [Sends pics of two females]

Nana: We are leaning toward #2

(Maggie loves this story)

WHAT!?? During this text exchange I get a call from Opa checking to make sure we would be willing to train the pup and keep it for awhile and making sure that it would be a girl. I find this whole exchange hilarious and shocking. So, we picked out a pup for Nana and Opa- Miss Sally Jane.



Now, up to this point, Cam has still not seen the puppies and this is supposed to be “his” dog. He had his eye on one of the white males with black spots. But, Lila was pushing really hard for this little black male. I guess she touched her daddy’s heart because this is the little guy we ended up with – Banjo. We paid for the pups that day, but had to leave them there for a couple more weeks to grow up just a little.  snakes and puppies 023 snakes and puppies 024snakes and puppies 028 snakes and puppies 029snakes and puppies 038We did also end up buying a horse that day. Lily joined the farm and has been a real asset to our team of horses. She is younger, stronger, and bigger than Marshmallow was. She’s been a great teammate for Holly.

IMG_20150911_155315497snakes and puppies 039This all happened on a Friday- the night of our sacred tradition of Pizza and  Movie night. Although it was well past 4p when we left Odon, and we had a 2 hour+ drive home (moving even slower now because the trailer was occupied), no pizza, and had to unload and make Lily comfortable when we got home, we were determined to keep our tradition. We made quick stop for pizza purchase- Papa Murphy knows us by name, rushed through everything that needed to be done and settled down with our pizza and movie. However, for maybe the first time ever, we stopped the movie before it was finished- we were all just too exhausted to go on! But, it was really a great end to a jam-packed day.

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