Summer Jams

Summer Jams

Summertime is jam season on the farm. I’ve made blackberry, peach, and plenty of strawberry jam in my time as a farm wife. But, this summer we had a fun music jam in the barn! Friends gathered for some merry-music-making in the barn. A great crowd of musicians drifted in and claimed their seat in […]

Party like it's 1899!

Party like it’s 1899!

The first time we walked into the dusty old barn two years ago, I pictured this night- a barn dance! (Cam pictured hay space, but whatever, we see who won that battle.) I think the barn might be a little bit magical. Or, maybe it just seems that way to me when our friends all […]

Ice Cream social

Ice Cream social

    I love summer. Not for the heat- I don’t do all that well in the heat. No, I love summer because it means we start having our annual gatherings. I think I’ve said before our house is pretty modest in size and it doesn’t take a big crowd to fill it up. Our […]

Mollukah XXX

I turned 30 last weekend! It was a grand celebration with friends and family of all ages.   I used wrapping paper for a table runner. I was looking for something inexpensive and beautiful and came across this at Target. I was then able to scan the pattern in and use the flowers on the cards […]

Ice Cream Social

Bernie showing off her yummy bowl.  We held our annual Midsummer Night’s Ice Cream Dream this year. As always, it was so much fun. I made five plus gallons of goat milk ice cream that was delicious. We provide the ice cream and each family brings a topping or mix-in to share. This year was […]

Farm Fun Day

Oh, how I do look forward to Farm Fun Day. Not sure how many years I’ve been hosting, I think this may be the third. There’s nothing very special about the day, just a big play date at the farm, but it is so much fun to get a big group of mamas together for […]

The Ingalls come to O’Bannon Woods

 Last weekend we participated in “A Day on the Farm as a Pioneer Child” at O’Bannon Woods. It was a lot of fun! They had asked Cam to bring a goat and do a milking demonstration and we were all able to go. The best part was, my friend Diane was able to loan Lila […]


We had a great Easter with lots of family, fellowship, play, food, and friends. We dyed eggs Saturday night and even had glitter to add to them. Luckily, the dye washes off little fingers for church.  Cousins are always happy for an excuse to get together. They hid eggs, colored on the sidewalk, pretended to […]

Maggie’s birthday

My girl turned three.  It seems a little unreal. My sweet girl has gotten so independent in so many ways, but is still so much more of a baby than Lila was at this age.  Of course, when Lila was three, we had a real baby around and probably less tolerant of those behaviors.  But, […]

Farm Fun Day!

I recently hosted the 2nd annual Farm Fun Day!  Last year it occurred to me that while we host a lot of events at our home, there was nothing for my mommy friends and their kiddos exclusively.  So, I decided to host a massive playdate with them at our farm.  It was a great success […]