A beautiful Mollukah celebration commenced again this year! The food was delicious as always (I love me a pitch-in!), the fellowship delightful. It was not too hot and sticky, and the cake was scrumptious! (Nana does it best!) The most special part of the evening came when Joanie and Sonny shared a song they’d written […]

Uncle Skunky and his critters

Uncle Skunky and his critters

Here’s my latest project! I have not been too crafty lately, but my sweet niecey turned one yesterday and either Cam or I usually make gifts for our nieces and nephew. I wasn’t feeling too inspired. Being number three and the second girl, Miss Daphne doesn’t want for a whole lot. And, really, one-year-olds don’t […]

Mollukah XXX

I turned 30 last weekend! It was a grand celebration with friends and family of all ages.   I used wrapping paper for a table runner. I was looking for something inexpensive and beautiful and came across this at Target. I was then able to scan the pattern in and use the flowers on the cards […]

Maggie’s birthday

My girl turned three.  It seems a little unreal. My sweet girl has gotten so independent in so many ways, but is still so much more of a baby than Lila was at this age.  Of course, when Lila was three, we had a real baby around and probably less tolerant of those behaviors.  But, […]

Music-making and merriment

  While the nation remembered the 9/11 attacks, our family was lucky enough to have a happy diversion.  September is a month full of birthdays of friends and family.  Cam’s birthday was that week, as well as my dad, Cam’s grandad, his uncle, our good friend Terry and his daughter Laura.  We gathered today to […]

Mollukkah… a season of celebration!

A few years ago, as I was celebrating my birthday with some friends of mine, Cam was teasing me about how my birthday, which is August 11, seems to extend far beyond that day and fill up the whole month.  One of my guests (I can never remember if it was my clever brother-in-law or […]